A Favorite Local Food from Kuwait.

In a world where time is of the essence, and people are on the move all the time, it is important to take time and appreciate life with those who matter most to us. Recognizing this need, Al Thabiah sweets opened its first simple sweet shop in Kuwait in 1999 ,in an attempt to provide homely Kuwaiti local sweets and snacks. Since then, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds, with outlets all across the region.

This legacy brand has seamlessly blended traditional recipes with 21st-century nouvelle sweets, where every dish that comes out of our production has been prepared with passion and served with love. A unique combination of traditional and new Arabic sweets and cozy ambience and friendly behavior of our staffs– these are the aspects that set Al Thabiah apart from the rest. The flavours are clean, precise and intense; the atmosphere is always welcoming – just the way it’s always been. It’s a unique offering that’s come all the way from Kuwait , with love. Now it’s a favorite amongst the locals in UAE

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